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Find your voice and sing like a pro!

Discover your singing abilities and perform on stage. Explore the various techniques that suit your character and style.

Be coached in an award-winning voice lesson and get featured in various events.

Learn the true technique on vocal performance and shine like a real star when you sing!

Bring out your natural talent and sing like a true performer!
Improve your ability to sing and enhance your appeal on stage. With highly-refined vocal techniques, your one-on-one lessons are carefully designed to cater your vocal needs  for improvement. Boost your confidence on stage as we work together on your overall performance.

Learn the ways of owning the stage!
Use the microphone as if you’re holding the key towards stardom. Get on the center stage and engage with your audience. Sing with your heart and captivate the world with your voice!

Do you have the passion, the dreams and the determination to refine your voice to your best natural ability?

Enroll now in Vocal Performance School and start on your journey towards stardom or achieving your personal vocal performing dreams!

Our Story

Get to know the genius behind Vocal Performance School and learn how a young dreamer made dreams come true

Louise Berkelmans born and raised in the world of performing arts.

As a young dancer at Boronia Academy, Louise further acquired her grace and stature as a cheerleader for the National Basketball League (NBL). Aside from her flawless routines, Louise performed with numerous bands – whether duo’s or trio’s – in clubs, pubs, weddings, and other events.

She developed her passion for the music industry, she grew interest in the study of the voice and understood how the voice works. She researched and studied voice anatomy and learned the various vocal techniques used today.

Now, a renowned voice coach, Louise continues to develop effective ways to improve the natural singing ability of her students. She is passionate in what she does and strives to bring out their inner best. Louise prepares her students to step on the center stage and face the wide audience with the grace, confidence and a deep connection.

Louise expands her coaching services by working with school teachers in improving their vocal projection when talking to a room full of students.. She is the true form of eloquence and confidence as she has given talks to different groups in Voice Care (Equestrian Victoria), emceed numerous occasions (Casey’s Got Talent, Relay for Life, South Eastern Esteidford and various Council events), and has judged in countless singing competitions..

Louise has been highly engaged in the entertainment industry as an events coordinator. Her skills can be seen through the success of Vocal Performance School’s very own Annual Student Showcases since 2009, and teaching within the City of Casey for over 10 years.

Recently, Louise became an award-winning director for Windmill Theater Company – Next Big Thing and received the Lyrebird Award of Best Director in 2018, she then directed the Next, Next Big Thing.

Through her passion for the performing arts, Louise Berkelmans takes on another journey to guide her students to become rising stars or achieve their personal vocal goals!

In Vocal Performance School, you are absolutely in the right school to achieve peak vocal performance!

With its incredible track record, Vocal Performance School has:

  1. won many singing competitions;
  2. been a cast in lead roles – everything from Mary Poppins, Shrek, The Addams Family, Alice In Wonderland to Chicago;
  3. performed in huge events – such Christmas Carols, Berwick Show, Kids Carnival, Springvale Festival, Gala dinners, Fundraisers, Relay for Life, and Winter Arts Launch,
  4. been featured vocalists in other social gatherings; and
  5. assisted and coached their students to receive high distinction in their VCE music exams.

Students in Vocal Performance School are natural-born achievers! With the right balance of vocal coaching, passion, support, development and love for the art, there is no limit to how far they can go.


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