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Service Offerings

Vocal Performance School’s lesson options:

Weekly Private Lessons

30-minute class: $40
60-minute class: $70
*fortnightly lesson fees may vary from above

Group Lessons:

Groups of 2 or more
30-minute class: $30 per person
60-minute class: $45 per person

Providing In-Person and Online Lessons

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (as of July 2019)


Fees are to be paid by the month or by the term. Details will be given at the start of each month and each term.

Fees are not transferable or refundable.

Fees are to be paid by the first week of lessons of each month/term.

Fees can be paid in cash or direct bank deposit.


Preferred Bank: Westpac Bank.
Account Name: Vocal Performance School
BSB Number: 033 341.
Account Number: 413103.


At least 12 hours notice must be given by phoning/texting for lessons to be made up on another day.

If the teacher is unable to take the lesson due to illness or any other unforeseen circumstance, a make up lesson or double lesson will be arranged asap


Lessons are automatically forfeited if a student fails to attend a lesson and makes no effort to contact the teacher beforehand.

Lessons will NOT be made up if the teacher is contacted only a short time before a scheduled lesson.


Each lesson is individually catered to the student. Their age, ability, style and problem areas are all factored into each lesson. Students will work on fixing problem areas as well as increasing tone, range, emotion, vibrato control and more. Performance work and mic technique will also be a part of the training. Performance opportunities will be offered to those students who are prepared and ready to sing in front of an audience, whether it is big or small!

Diverse training styles:

Students who love the theatre and want to audition for shows will work on theatre technique (very different to contemporary singing). If you like country, you will be shown how to move your voice to achieve the “country” sound. R’n’B, soul sounds are also very different. Every genre has it’s unique style that you can learn. Be diverse and have the ability to change the way you sing to suit the style of the song.

Voice Anatomy:

Learn how your voice works, learn what vocal registers are, where should your voice resonate in your face and body. How to change tone, control vibrato, voice placement. Understand mix verses belt. Voice anatomy knowledge will help you to become a better singer no matter what your ability. Knowledge you will take with you wherever you want your voice to take you!

Other services.

Louise Berklemans has great experience in Emcee work as well as event co-ordinating and entertainment co-ordinator, helping to source entertainment from a local network of amazing talent. Having produced and directed over 10 years of variety shows with students, as well as Directing 2 variety shows for Windmill Theatre Company (winning a Lyrebird Award in 2018). Contact us today to enquire if you are looking for help with your next event.

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